Generation Glasgow

Brand identity, Art direction, Web design

Creation of the visual identity & website for Generation Glasgow, a collaborative space for business transformation toward sustainability

"Business leaders unite to accelerate sustainable transformation"
Downstairs has created a visual identity for Generation Glasgow, a community of business leaders aiming to provide a collaborative space to support one another in their efforts to shift their businesses toward a sustainable model.

Generation Glasgow logotype. Beige background. Blue highlight on the
Generation Glasgow brand identity. Pastel blue background. Electric blue highlight on the
Generation Glasgow logo design. Dark background. Yellow highlight on the
Business leaders unite to collectively accelerate business transformation. Blue typography with pastel arrow in the background.
Let's flip the system. Bold typography with arrow in the background. Creative studio from Amsterdam.
Happy face of a white business man. Business leaders unite to accelerate sustainable transformation.
About Generation Glasgow website design. Quantis. The Boson Project. Goodness&co.
Generation Glasgow webdesign mockups. Desktop tablet and phone web design. Downstairs Design.
Generation Glasgow badge mockup. Event design asset.
Generation Glasgow design mockup. Branding and strategy for this new business task force.
Instagram thumbnails. Militant colorful placards. The courage of truth. Downstairs Design.
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Made downstairs. Below sea level xxx

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