We are Downstairs. A design duo making brand identities, art direction, web & print design.

We are Downstairs. Partners, best friends, parents to a dog and a cat, occasional cooks and natural wine enthusiasts. We don’t finish each other's sentences but we do road-trip while listening to podcasts about typefaces (and we are super hyped about it).


The environment we cultivate

We’ve been working in the advertising and design fields for quite some time now (17 years of cumulative knowledge to be precise). Today we want to keep Downstairs accessible and not too crowded. But rest assured, we always invite other players to the party when specific talents are necessary.

We believe in a local distribution network for our food as well as for our relationship with our clients. We keep it small, neat and smart. No fluff and fuss. Our work ethics and environment are therefore pretty simple: we work on projects that we believe in and we deliver work that sustains our curiosity and your goals.

About the process

We ask questions.
A lot.
All the time.

Salt or pepper? Why do you care about your product? What makes you sparkle?

For us it’s impossible to be too curious. Exploration is the fertilizer of strategy. It’s like adding spices to a dish. It just tastes better. And to be honest, life is too short to swallow question marks. We work with clients starting from the initial brand strategy phase to the design, art direction and final production of a project.

As designers, we believe that we have a responsibility for what we put into the world. Therefore, we deeply care for the people, the process & the results.


Art Direction
Brand Identity
Consulting & Strategy
Editorial Design

Graphic Design
Print & Packaging
Web design UI-UX


No bullshit. Allowing ourselves the gift of time. A non-savant mix of instinct + research. Putting humans at the core of the problem we are trying to solve. Not working for but working with our clients. Being nice.


We work with a wide range of clients, small businesses & individuals. Feel free to reach out or swing by for a coffee.

©2022 made downstairs. below sea level ✕✕✕

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