About web design and how we can help with your Ux-Ui projects

At Downstairs, Max is our resident UX/UI expert. Thanks to years of experience, he knows how to make any scary user flow look clear, and sometimes even fun. But before diving into what we offer, let's take a look at our philosophy behind the first step of a UX/UI design project: ask first, prototype later. Before pushing any pixels, we need to immerse ourselves in what we call the “discovery phase''.

Let’s start by discovering the project, the brand, the competition, and of course, your audience. In this first phase, we usually set up a few workshops with our clients, as we believe in taking the right amount of time to build a healthy and solid foundation for the steps to come. Be ready to see our faces a lot (and probably our cat, if everything is happening remotely!)

Now that we know who we are starting this journey for and why, let’s define our goals. What do we want to achieve? How do we want to be perceived? During this second step, a lot of arrows and blocks will be popping up on your screens, alongside strategic notes: user flows, information architecture, taxonomy, sitemaps, wireframing… This list might seem overwhelming and complicated, but we are here to sail this ship with you. None of our clients have drowned yet :)

Yes! We can finally look at some colorful designs. During the design phase, we explore different types of brand expressions and define the overall look and feel of the project. Templates have entered the chat.

Here comes what we’ve all been waiting for: the final product! We prototype websites and apps in Figma and deliver custom digital design systems ready to be transferred to your front-end team.

For some projects, we build simple no-code Wordpress websites with Elementor. We also have partners to work with if your project involves more complex coding.

Want to bring your ideas to life with us? Let’s get to know each other! Feel free to swing by for a coffee.

Or send us an email with a little bit about yourself, or your answer to a question like "if you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?" or whatever, you know...

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